CBSE Regional level Science Exhibition

The CBSE Regional level Science exhibition was held from 17 th -19 th December, 2015, in DAV Public School, Gurgaon, where 140 exhibits were displayed. Our school displayed two projects:

Exhibit 1: Sub theme: Agriculture

Soutik and Shreyansh - Class IX

Teacher Incharge: Ms. Priya Arora

Participants of class IX displayed a working model of a Green Plough, which worked on remote control. The green plough is an eco-friendly project which uses electricity that is produced in a harmless and eco- friendly manner to run a remote control tiller and manure dispenser which is used in farms. It is powered by a battery which is charged in the charging station which uses organic matter and produces manure for the manure dispenser.

The Project has been selected for the National level competition

Exhibit 2: Sub theme: Health & Cleanliness

Kovid and Yash - Class VIII

Teacher Incharge: Ms. Priya Arora

Participants of Class VIII, proposed a solution to air pollution, based on idea that would convert the propagators of air pollution into air cleaning agents. The proposed apparatus could be installed on any moving vehicle and during its movement, the air passes through the apparatus can be partially purified and thus help in significant reduction of air pollution. The project was highly appreciated by the judges.