The Colours of Joy

The Colours of Joy- Inauguration of Art Exhibition

On a sunny winter morning of Tuesday, February 07, 2022, the patrons of Art at DPS, GBN gathered for a limited audience inauguration of the latest works by Art Department Faculty Member- Mr Pinaki Ranjan Bera. The School’s Pro Vice Chairman, Mr Vineet Nayyar and Ms Reva Nayyar, Member, School Managing Committee inaugurated the collection which included heartfelt stories depicted on canvas by Mr Bera. Renowned writer Ms Taslima Nasreen, a long standing admirer of Mr Bera’s works also found time to view his creations. Each of his paintings is unique and the same was appreciated by Mr Shivanand Raja, Member, School Managing Committee and Director, Admin and Finance. Principal, Ms Supriti Chauhan, an art connoisseur herself, was impressed with the latest artwork. We are sure the students of DPS, GBN would be encouraged to see how true talent can help them achieve their dreams the next time they put their brushes on canvas.